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Music Projects

 A classically trained artist, Julián´s work has acquired a broad artistic scope. An advocate for new art, they organize a series of concerts, including Julián and Friends, a Chicago-based monthly composer showcase and Mamey, a project that presents original jazz compositions with Caribbean roots.  Julián was also a founding member of the Peabody Improvisers Collective, bringing together experimental artists from the Baltimore area.  


Concert Pianist

 A classically trained artist, Julián is a graduate of the Peabody Conservatory at John Hopkins University and a DePaul University Concerto Festival First Prize winner. Julián earned the Blue Ribbon Scholarship to the Peabody Conservatory, the highest distinction at the Merit School of Music´s 
Alice S. Pfaelzer T Conservatory. 

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Julián and Friends

Composer Showcase Series

This performance series was created to celebrate and platform composer-instrumentalists, and debuted at Chicago´s venerable Jazz Showcase in the summer of 2022. The series is presented monthly this year at the Showcase.  

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Composition and Improvisation 

With a special interest in new music, Julián´s compositions and improvisations run the gamut from jazz to Caribbean to electronic music.  They are a Founding member of the Peabody Improvisers Collective


Caribbean Diasporic Music

This most recent project brings together different disciplines while deepening understanding of the influence the Caribbean arts have had in Julián´s musical creation and development. It showcases original and contemporary Dominican music of the diaspora.


Dance Accompanist

Julián creates and performs improvisational and classical music in collaboration with ballet and modern dance university programs as well as for dance studio classes for beginners, pre-professionals, and adults. They also collaborate with professional dancers in performance. 

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