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A musical collaboration that pays homage to Dominico-Haitian diasporic rhythms, combining experimental avant-garde music with the folkloric and traditional music of the Caribbean, as part of a vision of the American continent as an interwoven quilt of African threads from New Orleans jazz to the Dominican salve

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Mamey is the latest musical collaboration project founded by Julián. Why Mamey? Mamey is a fruit tree indigenous to the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean and the name evokes the tenacity of humans and the complicated historic conditions that forge identity. Beautiful traditions, our cultural fruits, have thrived for centuries despite oppression and injustice. Honoring this cultural resilience, we strive to promote new and vibrant art.


Mamey  debuted in Brussels at Le Bouche à L'Oreille at the invitation of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Mission of the Dominican Republic to the European Union. In addition to Julián, the Brussels performances will include musicians Isaac Coyle, a bassist and composer from California, graduated from the Berklee College of Music,  Koleby Royston a drummer from Denver, Colorado, currently pursuing a performance degree in jazz percussion at the Peabody Institute, and  Nico Wohl, a guitarist and composer from Massachusetts, who is a graduate of The Peabody Institute with a degree in jazz guitar performance.



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